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All images are samples from the actual Burn Baby Burn DVD

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Five stills of beautiful Michelle Johnson in my favorite BATS scene, "Blood Ties". (Thanks to Tomsk for the caps.)
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Maria del Mar bound, gagged and burned in an episode of the TV series "Forever Knight".
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Former porn star Jacqueline Lovell in a great scene from "Head of the Family"

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LEFT: About to burn in "The Inquisition". CENTER: Cindy Prince getting her fire lit. RIGHT: Another rare scene, "Fangs of the Living Dead"
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LEFT: Pamela Franklin is burned nude in "The Witching". CENTER: Elizabeth is lowered onto a blazing pyre in "The Conqueror Worm". RIGHT: Even Barbie gets into the action in "Barbie-Q" (Clever title, huh?)

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Jean Wallace gets the treatment in "Sword of Lancelot", a re-telling of Camelot.
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Some stills from the classic witch-burning favorite "Mark of the Devil". You've gotta love any movie that gives you a burning scene in the first five minutes!
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One of the greatest BATS scenes ever, the blonde has her top cut open and is burned alive in "The Devonsville Terror".
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Kathleen Kinmont about to burn in "The Art of Dying", one of the rare BATS scenes that features the victim gagged.
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LEFT: A rare scene from"Curse of the Devil". CENTER: Brigitte Helm is burned by the townspeople in Fritz Lang's silent classic "Metropolis", still a great scene. RIGHT: A suffering burning babe from "Twins of Evil".

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LEFT: The witch is burned in "Horror Hotel". RIGHT: Ugh! Coed BATS! Can we lose the guy, please? Well, at least the girl is cute in "The Witch's Curse"

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Ah, better! The magic of Photoshop!