The Ultimate Burning at the Stake DVDs!
Now in Two Volumes!!!

Are you a fan of Burning at the Stake (BATS)?

If so, this is the rare opportunity to see "BURN BABY BURN", the Ultimate Stake-Burning DVD Collection! (more images here)

Now by popular demand, I'm proud to announce a second volume of BATS and burning scenes.

"BURN BABY BURN 2". Like the first one, it is a full 2-hour DVD filled from start to finish with various scenes from movies and TV, showing lovely damsels meeting their fiery ends at the stake.(more images here)

That's an incredible total of over 70 scenes in all, four complete hours of burning scenes! Buy both volumes together (You'll want both!) and save $10! Some very rare scenes in a totally unique DVD compilation, an absolute must for anyone who likes to see cute girls go up in smoke! Order yours today.

WARNING!!! Due to the extreme nature of these DVDs, no one under 18 will be permitted to order. Contains nudity, violence, bondage, torture and graphic depictions of burning.



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