• The scenes in these DVDs are presented only as examples of burning scenes in movies and television; they are not intended as a replacement for owning the actual movie that contains the scene. In fact, if you like a certain scene, I encourage you to go out and purchase the actual movie for yourself. These compilations are sold from one collector to another, and no rights are either given or implied. Though I feel these DVDs provide a needed service, it is not my intention to infringe upon anyone else's rights. If the actual copyright holder objects to the inclusion of a particular scene in either of these compilations, I will remove it from all versions of the DVDs, if that is what the copyright holder wishes.


  • The picture quality of these DVDs varies from FAIR to VERY GOOD, depending on the source of the scene. Quality is important to me and whenever possible, original source material was used in the making of these DVDs. At any rate, they are the best possible prints I could find. Overall, the picture quality of both DVDs is GOOD to VERY GOOD.


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  • If ordering by mail, please fill out and print the ORDER FORM provided. Don't forget to put in your email address in case I need to contact you regarding your order. I will never furnish any of this information to a third party. All DVDs are sent discretely. Your need for privacy is understood and respected. 


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